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Going back to my first year at DynaFin

At the end of this year, I look back to my 1 year working anniversary at DynaFin. Although it was not an obvious year due to covid, it was certainly a pleasant and exciting one.

During the first interviews, it quickly became clear to me that DynaFin had a lot to offer, and is a company with a clear vision: to be the reference partner in the financial services industry and offering their clients a solution to their challenges, while helping them to grow and innovate. My interest turned out to be mutual when DynaFin made me an offer to work as a consultant. I took this with both hands, with which my journey together with DynaFin started at the end of last year.

During my first working days at DynaFin, it was clearly defined what was expected of me, and what I could expect in return. A development plan was drawn up and I was given the necessary tools and trainings to expand my knowledge. Due to covid, I quickly had to telecommute, but it soon became clear that this would not complicate the way of working. During these first few days, I gained a lot of knowledge in a very short time. My period ‘on the bench’ was cut short, since it did not take long before I could start my first mission as a DynaFin Consultant.

I started this mission together with another DynaFin consultant. Together we mapped out the needs and wishes of our client. Our experience within the banking sector quickly proved to be of great added value, and as such we received very good feedback from our customer. I was quickly given a lot of responsibility, which for me only made this mission more fun and challenging. As a DynaFin consultant, we could rely on each other where necessary, and were in regular contact to exchange our experiences where necessary.

DynaFin attaches great importance to clear communication. They listened to the needs and wishes of our client, but they also listened to the interests of the consultant. We were asked several times about our interest in our current project, and there was always room for an open discussion between consultant and manager.

In addition to all the work done, there was also regular time for DynaFUN, the many events that DynaFin organizes during the year. I think back to the countless events organized: an online escape room, a quiz, the summer bbq, casino night, and more!

In short, DynaFin is a company with a clear vision, strong communication, and a close team of consultants, each with their own expertise and experience within the banking and insurance sector. I am looking forward to continuing my journey together with DynaFin, towards a challenging and pleasant 2022.

Happy Holidays from a proud DynaFin consultant.