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Operational Excellence Explained - DynaFin Consulting ExpertiseOperational Excellence

Operational Excellence is part of DynaFin’s DNA since all of our experts have professional experience in Financial Services operations and therefore a profound knowledge of the front-to-back end-to-end processes.

Process excellence is an important means for achieving a state of operational excellence and a smooth customer experience.
Dynafin also has a great track record in managing organisational change transformation programs. Our consultants support our clients in designing and implementing new target operating models.
Thanks to our proven methodologies, with a strong focus on communication, high-quality training combined with our HR consultants’ expertise, DynaFin support organizations in their transformation programs.

To better serve our clients, we can rely on the expertise of our subsidiary HR Partner (

In details

Our DynaFin consultants are trained and certified in Business Process Management and assist you in process analysis and design, documentation, implementation and monitoring. Another important aspect is the process improvement and optimization part. And of course, we do not forget the change management and maintenance aspects!

But our consultants also advise and support our clients in Robotic or Intelligent Process Automation initiatives, in which they combine their process knowledge with training they receive in new technologies.

Some Credentials

1. Process Transformation Program Payments

  • Detailed documentation of the existing payments processes as a preparation for an Intelligent Process Automation analysis.
  • Robotics Process Automation through the identification of processes and tasks suitable for TPA and the detailed description of process steps to prepare RPA development.
  • Implementation of Artificial Intelligence solutions to part(s) of the processes, for example the payments filtering.

2. Invest Target Operating Model Definition and process redesign

  • Business Processing Outsourcing program in which both the insourcer as outsourcer target operating model for Investment Services was to be redefined.
  • Process redesign and documentation based on the future target operating models.
  • Testing and business training on the new processes during the change implementation program.

3. Implementation of a new core banking system

On a multi-year transformation program to implement a new core banking system, our consultants have assisted the client in:

  • The deployment of a companywide communication plan on the program benefits, progress and key deliverables;
  • The development and roll-out of a large training plan;
  • The design and implementation of the target processes.

4. Launch of new activities in retail banking

In projects of reorganization following the creation of new activities, our consultants have:

  • Analyzed the current situation regarding the target offer and define the target organization;
  • Assessed the collaborators and implement a development plan;
  • Deployed a change management plan with senior management.