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Sustainable Finance Transforming Investment Landscape

This article will put into context present and past initiatives linked to sustainable finance. It explains the impact of the European Green Deal on the future business model of companies considering the new regulatory framework and evolving investor preferences.   Context: Towards a Greener Economy Defining Sustainability A commonly accepted definition of sustainability is ‘meeting the needs of […]
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Increasing European Retail Investors Participation in capital markets

European Commission’s Retail Investment Strategy (RIS) The European Commission, through its Retail Investment Strategy (RIS), aims to boost the participation of Retail investors in capital markets by enhancing their confidence through legal and regulatory measures.   Observations in the European Financial Landscape This initiative arises from several observations within the European financial landscape: Firstly, only 17% of […]
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Empower Your Business: A Journey into Hyper Automation

Understanding Processes: The Foundation After examining processes, application landscapes, and various technologies, determine how your company can move towards Hyper Automation. Organizing your efforts and cultivating a long-term vision for your automation journey can lead to improved organizational efficiency and better client experiences. Understanding Processes and Strategic Planning As emphasized in earlier discussions, understanding your processes […]
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Transforming Workflows: The World of Hyper Automation

The advancements made in automation technologies over the past year have introduced a new era where the combination of several tools is enhancing efficiency and elevating client experience. This integration of technologies requires meticulous attention to ensure seamless collaboration. Given the expansive scope and diverse range of technologies involved, this initial post will introduce the concept […]
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RPA and RDA in Finance: Enhancing Automation Efficiency

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the financial sector is under immense pressure to optimize operational efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver superior client service. Organizations are increasingly turning to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA) technologies to meet these demands. These automation tools have revolutionized the way businesses operate by automating repetitive tasks, […]
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Navigating Climate Risk in a Dynamic Financial Landscape

In the dynamic realm of banking and financial institutions, the landscape is undergoing a transformative shift due to the impacts of climate change. As extreme weather events become more prevalent, the financial sector finds itself at the forefront of challenges and opportunities.   Policymakers and investors within this domain are acutely aware of the implications […]
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