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Transformation in Financial Service 

In the ever-evolving financial services landscape, operational efficiency, customer-centric services, and robust risk management are more critical than ever. As a forward-thinking financial institution, stay ahead while complying with regulations through DynaFin's specialized consultancy services in Business Process Engineering.

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Empower Your Business: A Journey into Hyper Automation

Understanding Processes: The Foundation After examining processes, application landscapes, and various technologies, determine how your company can move towards Hyper Automation. Organizing your efforts and cultivating a long-term vision for your automation journey can lead to improved organizational efficiency and better client experiences. Understanding Processes and Strategic Planning As emphasized in earlier discussions, understanding your processes […]
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Transforming Workflows: The World of Hyper Automation

The advancements made in automation technologies over the past year have introduced a new era where the combination of several tools is enhancing efficiency and elevating client experience. This integration of technologies requires meticulous attention to ensure seamless collaboration. Given the expansive scope and diverse range of technologies involved, this initial post will introduce the concept […]
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Hyper automation: the new paradigm of automated growth

Hyper automation is one of the emerging macro trends in the Financial Services industry and it represents a strategic resource to drive growth in modern organizations. According to IBM “Hyper automation is the concept of automating everything in an organization that can be automated. Organizations that adopt hyper automation aim to streamline processes across their […]
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Unleashing the Power of Business Process Management

We assert that adopting Business Process Management (BPM) is not merely an option—it's a strategic imperative. Unlock a myriad of benefits for your institution:

Mastering Operational Excellence

Efficiency and Productivity Boost: Streamline processes to eliminate redundancies, ensuring faster and more accurate operations.

Elevating Customer Interaction

Exceptional Customer Experience: Optimize processes for quicker, error-free services, enhancing overall customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Empowering Strategic Decision-Making

Strategic Decision Support: Our expert consultants offer real-time insights and data-driven recommendations, empowering informed strategic decisions.

Fortifying Risk Management

Robust Risk Management: Focus on optimized controls and structured defense levels, equipping your institution to handle risk and compliance challenges.

Fostering Integration and Collaboration

Seamless Integration of Systems and Data: Integrate various systems and data sources seamlessly for better collaboration and decision-making.

DynaFin – Your Trusted Transformation Partner

With DynaFin as your trusted partner, anticipate a transformation in operational excellence, customer satisfaction, and risk management. Our experienced team will guide you through the entire journey, from assessment to implementation and beyond.

Our Proven Approach

Enhance efficiency with Insightful Assessment for process optimization, Streamlined Process Improvement for eliminating bottlenecks, and embrace Technological Automation and Vigilant Operational Control for tech-driven efficiency.

Insightful Assessment

Begin with a comprehensive assessment of your processes and procedures, analyzing them against industry standards to pinpoint potential inefficiencies.

Streamlined Process Improvement

Collaborate with our experts to eliminate bottlenecks, waste, feedback loops, and unnecessary steps, streamlining processes for maximum efficiency. 

Technological Automation

Embrace the power of technology to automate prioritized processes. Identify suitable solutions and receive support in their selection and integration. 

Vigilant Operational Control

Stay on top of operations with our dashboarding, KPI, SLA, and GRC solutions. Ensure monitored, measured processes aligned with your strategic objectives. 

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Use cases

Operational excellence in the context of system migration

A Tier 2 bank was undergoing a migration to a third-party system.

DynaFin's Expertise in Business Process Engineering

Operational excellence in the context of system migration


A Tier 2 bank was undergoing a migration to a third-party system. DynaFin has been engaged to support the bank in defining the Target Operating Model and facilitating the smooth migration to the new system. 

DynaFin's Strategic Intervention

The intervention of our consultants in this project included the following activities: 

Target Operating Model Definition

DynaFin consultants played a pivotal role in collaborating with the bank and various stakeholders to define the Target Operating Model (TOM). This involved establishing the desired structure and operational framework for the bank in alignment with its goals and the capabilities of the new system.

Facilitation and Process Analysis

Acting as facilitators, DynaFin consultants bridged communication gaps between different stakeholders involved in the migration process. They conducted a comprehensive analysis of existing processes, understanding the intricacies of the current state and identifying areas for improvement in preparation for migration.

Definition of Target Processes

DynaFin actively participated in the definition of target processes. This included outlining the workflow and operational procedures that would be implemented in the new system.

Process Modeling

Leveraging their expertise, DynaFin consultants engaged in process modeling, providing visual representations of the new processes. This aided in better understanding and communication of the proposed changes among stakeholders.

Post-Migration Process improvements

After the migration, DynaFin continued its involvement by conducting a thorough analysis of the post-migration landscape. They identified areas where processes could be further optimized and deployed improvements to ensure ongoing operational efficiency.


DynaFin played a crucial part in ensuring a successful migration for the bank. The bank successfully migrated to the new third-party system under DynaFin's guidance. The transition was executed with minimal disruptions, showcasing effective implementation. 


The migration resulted in enhanced processes for the bank. DynaFin's involvement in post-migration analysis and deployment of process improvements contributed to a more streamlined and efficient operational environment. 


Launching a Belgian Branch for a Renowned French Private Bank

A large Belgian Bank has recognized the need to revamp its investment offerings for both Retail and Private Banking customers.

DynaFin's Expertise in Business Process Engineering

Launching a Belgian Branch for a Renowned French Private Bank


In a strategic move to expand its global presence, a renowned French Private Bank has embarked on a journey to establish its footprint in Belgium. To ensure a seamless entry into this new market, the bank has partnered with DynaFin to create a thriving branch that not only meets operational demands but also delights customers. 

DynaFin's Strategic Intervention

After a first step of opportunity study, where we assessed the Belgian market's potential, DynaFin took charge of every critical aspect of this venture. 

Target Business Architecture 

DynaFin sculpted a comprehensive Target Business Architecture tailored to the bank's unique product and service offerings. This blueprint ensured the new branch aligned perfectly with operational needs while delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Target Technical Architecture

We crafted a state-of-the-art Target Technical Architecture, defining the systems and interfaces necessary for the branch's seamless operation. This technological backbone set the stage for efficient processes and a robust customer interface.

Analysis & Design

Here, we document Business Requirements and transformed them into functional analyses, providing the bank's technical teams with the input they needed to develop the target solution.

Run Operating Model

Anticipating every operational scenario, we detailed a comprehensive documentation of all operational processes, including roles and responsibilities of each stakeholders.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

We established Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that would act as the compass guiding the performance, ensuring every step is taken in the direction of success.


Through our unwavering dedication and expertise, DynaFin delivered outcomes that have empowered the bank to thrive in its new venture. The bank has all it needs to run its Belgian entity with operational efficiency, in customer-centric approach.