Nowadays, Cloud computing technologies have become the partner of choice for transformation and evolution in the use of software, platforms, and infrastructure as a service, especially in data transformation.

A transformation which has been well understood by companies seeking to outsource their IT services.

Let’s take two concrete examples, such as the production of SWIFT messages in the financial sector (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) and the emission of EDI messages (Electronic Data Interchange) which is an exchange of standardized data between two entities.

Such transformations require to compagnies the ability to control their costs at the level of their integration, while decreasing maintenance efforts but keeping the flexibility and adaptability necessary to face the increasingly massive processing of automated transactions.

In this perspective, the cloud solution allows to have a clear answer to a market demand in constant increase linked to the evolution of remote working and the strong confidence in the security of these technologies.

In addition to a greater flexibility, the cloud solution brings the advantage that the cost of the subscription and its use is linked to the consumption. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about technological updates and international standards layouts. Indeed, many professionals are constantly following the evolution of those technologies.

As we can see, the cloud solution saves time, money and much more, allowing companies to focus on their core business without having to worry about developing IT solutions that are not directly related to their activities.

To communicate on the market with any standard layout, companies need to have a dynamic system able to read the content of the messages and apply the right transformation and routing rules. This solution must be dynamic, scalable, Smart, and reliable whatever the complexity or volumetry. They also need to have a full control of the process itself and monitor the events to have a view on their commercial counterparties.

Once the data transformation workflows have been externalized into this Transformation as A Service platform, they are able, accordingly with customer’s rules, to define limits and not acceptable behaviours to customize an Artificial Intelligence module to alert and secure unexpected transactions.

In this perspective and vision Satisco specialized in integration technologies, with 15 years of experience and credentials  in developing solutions deployed in a Secured Cloud and DynaFin Consulting, partner of financial sector for more than 10 years and expert in business changing, have joined their efforts to provide complete solution in data transformation and integration.

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