On Tuesday 5 October, we kicked off the mission of the Solvay Consulting Club with DynaFin at the ULB.  It is always energizing to see the enthusiasm of students to get to know the role of a consultant. 

Each year, the SCC is looking for students that want to experience what consulting is all about.  Candidates have to go through a real recruitment process to be selected as consultant for SCC.  When successful, as of November and during 8 weeks, they will deliver one of the six missions offered by SCC with a partner.  For 2021, the mission of DynaFin Consulting is about the automation of car claims processing within the Belgian market

The aim of this mission is to get the landscape of the different initiatives and technologies that are implemented or will be implemented at the insurance companies in Belgium.  The young consultants of SCC will embark on a real delivery project with a project manager, predefined deliverables and milestones. A nice opportunity to have a first-hand experience with the day-to-day role of a consultant. 

Keep an eye on our posts, as we will regularly update you on the progress of this challenging project in an exciting environment.