Yesterday evening DynaFin Consulting gathered, in a covid-safe way and invited Thierry Geerts, Country Director of Google Belgium, as guest speaker to share his view on today’s technology.  Mr. Geerts has written two books on the subject – Digitalis (2018) and Homo Digitalis (2021).  During his expose, he highlighted some key messages. 

Ambient Computing, where we do not touch our smartphone anymore, but rather through speech, we are connected to technology. The acceptance of Ambient Computing still needs to increase, but Google is building the keystones with its Google Nest and Google Assistant.  Mr. Geerts also claims that the connected and digitized world is basically the fourth revolution we are in. We need to force ourselves to reinvent everything again, with a large focus on digital first.  He then mentioned also the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and MachineLearning (ML), both technologies are already happening but many companies are still reluctant to go all the way.  As the B2B digitalisation is happening right now, Belgium, as B2B expert, is well placed to claim a prominent spot.  A very interesting discourse that was followed by many questions from our consultants. 

The session was followed by a nice buffet and sommelier WellWines made an interesting selection of four white and red wines. 

As a conclusion, the evening was highly appreciated by our colleagues and we look forward to the next one !