As DynaFin Manager responsible for talent development and wellbeing I was very pleased to welcome back to the office our new colleagues who recently joined our adventure.

After their Onboarding day(s) at DynaFin they all started their first client projects and their new professional careers as consultants.

As consultants we all work remote or at client premise and most contacts between DynaFin colleagues are organized digitally via our different communication channels.

Reason why we organize these Welcome Back days at the DynaFin office, where all newcomers can connect, share their experiences of the first months and discuss with our management team and directors.

All feedbacks received after yesterday’s welcome back day show the importance of such a setting as part of the onboarding period in a new company, often also a new role as consultant and in a new project at client side. At DynaFin, we invest a lot in supporting our new colleagues during this period where they experience a lot of change in their new professional life.

During this onboarding period, newcomers receive a lot of useful information, and we feel the need to go through these information together and on multiple occasions.

So we organize an agenda full of business as well as fun topics, learning from each other and being inspired by senior consultants and managers.

A successful and energizing day at the office, happy to be involved in the development of such talented colleagues !